The Florida CAM License Course


We all want to live a comfortable life where we can access everything depending on our lifestyle. Education is the primary key to a healthy life. That is why many people are required to apply for the best courses that they can handle. There are a lot of courses that can help you to acquire this license and live the kind of life you wanted.

When you decide that you want to undertake this kind of a course, ensure that you research on the best college that has enough resources. However, the good news is that you can still study this course online. Technology is advancing, and many people out there are enjoying the benefits. You should also try to study online because it has many advantages over the traditional way of learning.

If you are interested in real estate properties, then obtaining a CAM license can be an addition to your career. But for many, it is hard to get this license because they do not know the right procedures to follow. If you are interested in this field, keep reading this guide to learn or understand the necessary steps you need to consider when you want to get this license.

Enroll in a Pre-License Course

The first step you should always consider when you want to acquire a CAM license is registering for a pre-licensure education. It is a process that every CAM license applicants should participate, and they should complete it within eighteen hours. Remember that you will not be allowed to take the exams if you are not successfully approved of completing the 18 hour CAM certification course.


The next crucial step is to get your electronic fingerprints taken. It is an essential step that you will not omit because you will have to submit the results to the Florida Department. You should remember that even if you have another license, you should send a set of fingerprints without any failure.

Submit Application

After you have submitted your fingerprints to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, the next step is to submit your application. In this case, you have to submit an online application. Do not forget to include your eighteen-hour Pre-licensure course completion certificate. By doing this, you will have to wait for your request to be approved before you schedule a state exam.

Schedule State Exam

As we have mentioned above, after your application has been approved, the next step is to schedule an exam. In other words, you need to register and make sure that you have been directed to your nearest exam center. Make sure that you prepare for the test before the due date.

Pass the State Exam

Once you prepare for the exam, then you can confidently tackle the test. Make sure that you pass the exams if you want to get the license. But if you fail your review, you will not get the CAM license.…